About Giving Naam

Giving Naam, through annually fundraising, is able to further the mission of Naam Yoga LA. This mission is presently supporting an array of specialized classes at NAAM YOGA® LA Healing and Research Center and also reaching many people through its Naam Yoga Therapies Program, specifically tailored to benefit those with Cancer, Autism, HIV, and health concerns related to the heart, thyroid and brain and nervous system.

With the assistance of your generous contributions, NAAM YOGA LA, a registered a 501(c)(3) status non-profit organization will be able to continue offering many of its programs free of charge so that these special classes may be accessible to everyone.

Naam Yoga LA is a unique yoga, healing, meditation and research center in Santa Monica, California; a beacon of light for those in need of self-healing and those who wish to be a part of a light-filled and serving community.

Giving Naam on behalf of Naam Yoga® has brought self-healing to thousands of people in need worldwide. Join us as we continue to share and expand this sacred and practical self-healing technology on an international level.