Breast cancer survivor, Meredith B. teaches Naam Yoga classes for wheelchair bound seniors

Heloise and Mary Lou do Naam Yoga together at Thousand Oaks Senior Health Care Center.
Naam Yoga® Therapies was instrumental in helping me successfully get through and put behind me a bout with breast cancer. The experience led me to take the Naam Yoga Therapies Training. During the training all students were asked to lead community classes as a part of the curriculum requirements to support Community Outreach which led me to the Thousand Oaks Senior Health Care Center. I have now been teaching there for nearly two years. All of the seniors at the facility are in wheelchairs and have many serious mental and physical disabilities. Watching these wonderful people smile more, become stronger and speak louder touches my heart every week I teach. It is a privilege to share this technology and see it help others as it has helped me.”

Naam Yoga® Therapies helps Wendy find peace through struggles with cancer

Wendy celebrates her recent wedding day with her daughter Kaylee.
The weekend of my first daughter’s birthday, I was diagnosed with Parameningeal Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. By the next week, I had weaned my daughter and began a year of treatment, which consisted of 12 cycles of experimentally high-dose chemotherapy (Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, Carboplatin, Etoposide, Ifosfamide, Irinotecan and Doxorubicin). I also had 28 days of radiation to my head and neck and surgery. As one could imagine, this left me both physically and emotionally spent. During my recovery, I came across Naam Yoga Therapies and I am very grateful. I am energetic, have recovered from almost all of my side effects and most importantly, I am happy and confident in my health.

Naam Yoga Therapies gave me the tools to maintain a sense of peace during scans and helped me work through any anxiety or fear experienced along the way. For so many cancer patients, losing a friend or hearing someone’s recurrence can be a spiral of negative emotions and panic. I can pinpoint the moment, that reaction transformed into hope to live and sadness for others. Never again have I gone back to connecting someone else’s disease with my own destiny. This is a gift every cancer patient deserves.”

Health & Hope are discovered through Naam Yoga® Therapies after William’s battle with diabetes, anemia, & hypothyroidism

William teaches a Naam Yoga Therapies class.
Life before Naam Yoga was a challenge. I was fighting fires on three different auto-immune fronts all at the same time. Naam Yoga was the only exercise I did for the 2 years between doctor’s visits and I am happy to say that my once defective thyroid is now functioning normally. Since I have come to Naam Yoga, I feel lighter, brighter and more hopeful. When I had no other option, Naam Yoga Therapies was there for me and delivered. Thank you Naam Yoga!
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