Naam Angels

Most of us already know that chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability.

But facts and statistics hold little meaning until we are actually face to face with those who have lost hope when pharmaceutical drugs fall short: faces of forgotten senior citizens, inmates in prison facilities, cancer patients, those suffering from addictions, children and caregivers affected by Autism and ASD, those with diabetes, those who suffer from domestic abuse and many more.

With love in our hearts, backed by an effective healing system created by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, we at Naam Yoga see each individual’s face. We offer personalized care and real hope to people from every walk of life through Naam Yoga Therapies. Naam Yoga Therapies is much more than yoga; it is a lifestyle and a self-healing science that enlivens people to heal their minds, hearts, bodies and spirits through simple, yet highly effective practical tools. Anyone and everyone can do it! In fact it is the fastest growing form of therapeutic yoga across the world.

Your generous contributions empower Naam Yoga to continue its personalized outreach to benefit countless people in need.

Please join the "Naam Angel" campaign created specifically to support Naam Yoga and help provide those who are suffering, the opportunity to take advantage of healing programs through free community-based Naam Yoga Therapies Classes. A portion of your contribution is also used to sponsor those who qualify for much needed healing services such as Harmonyum, Acupuncture, Personalized Wellness, and life-changing trainings.

By committing to one year of monthly giving based on your capacity and desire, you are attaching your very life force to the movement of Love, of Peace and of Light that is so needed on the earth at this time.

We greatly appreciate your support of this far-reaching campaign and honor your contributions as an act of selfless service, kindness and love.

We look forward to keeping you up to date on OUR future accomplishments!

May the Light of Naam and the Wisdom of the Divine bless you and surround you always.